Posted on 13 July 2021 by Jeff Fuge  |  Reading time 3 mins

Pedal, pedal… blue arrow on white backgound. Pedal, pedal… blue arrow on white backgound. Pedal, pedal… blue arrow on white background. This is going well! Pedal, pedal… pedal, pedal, pedal… ummm… where have the arrows gone?! Pedal pedal, pedal… hooray, I see arrows! But hang on… there’s a RED arrow on white background and a WHITE arrow on blue background… that’s not right!

Cycle route waymarking
Red arrow on white background
Red arrow + white background = the red trail.
White arrow on red background
White arrow + red background = the red trail.
Blue arrow on white background
Blue arrow + white background = the blue trail.
White arrow on blue background
White arrow + blue background = NOT the blue trail. Go figure.

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