If you’re here in search of insight, ideas and ingenuity for a project that matters, take a seat. Chances are that someone has recommended me to you (my clients are nice like that) so you may know a bit about what I bring to the table. In any case, here’s a little more detail. If it resonates, I’m here to help.


My clients are each very different individuals, but all are supremely lovely folk with whom I have great working relationships. If you’re like them, I expect you are:

I find it especially rewarding to work with people who have put heart and soul (and even the family silver) into a venture.

They tend to really value my objective input and the importance of supporting their brand or business with great visual and verbal communication.

Their energy, trust and belief helps ensure the outcome our work together is better than they thought their budget (or even the family silver) would get them. 

I love getting involved with bigger businesses and dealing with the in-depth challenges this can bring. I’ll usually liaise with the Marketing Director, but sometimes it’s another senior figure.

Whatever the organisation, I’ll be well placed to do my best work providing a) I’m able to deal directly with the person in charge of the project, b) I’m involved in all the key aspects of the project, and c) the biscuits in the boardroom are nice.

I enjoy working with fellow professionals on projects for their clients (or on projects for my clients). Most often, this is with a marketing consultant or specialist whose skills complement mine.

My preference is always to work in partnership, rather than under one banner. This enables everyone to play to their strengths – and avoids the confusion of clients thinking I have a twin brother in another agency.

I’ve worked with digital marketing expert Peter Hawtin of Brand New Way in this manner for over 15 years, so the approach seems to work OK! 


I love a new challenge – especially one that sounds difficult – and look forward to hearing about yours. If Objective Ingenuity is what you need, you’re probably aiming to:

Getting a new venture, product or service off the ground is exciting but not short of challenges – including that of developing the brand.

A little expert help sowing the seeds of your brand today will reap rewards for years to come.

I can design every aspect of how your new brand looks and feels, and craft the right words to tell your brand’s story in a compelling, convincing and coherent fashion.

Over time, even the best branding can become tired or get overtaken by the competition.

What worked brilliantly in the context of yesterday’s challenges may not be up to today’s or tomorrow’s.

Whether your current branding has been in place for 24 months or 24 years, I can help you undertake the evolution – or revolution – necessary for it to move onwards and upwards.

All areas of a business can benefit from some creative thinking.

An objective, external perspective can help solve seemingly intractable problems or spot opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

I welcome all kinds of challenge, from the creation of concepts for new products and services, to generating ideas that save time and money, improve safety or service, and crafting communication that helps change people’s behaviour for the better.


I can provide as much or as little input as you need. But the most successful outcomes often result from my involvement with elements from each of these three connected steps:

It’s important to set sail in the right direction. Most projects come to me with a clear objectives, but a review ‘from the outside in’ can often reveal futher potential.

It can also unearth unforeseen obstacles and valuable opportunities that give the project greater focus and potency.

To that end, I offer:

  • Brand and marketing strategy workshops and consultancy

  • Project analysis and insights

  • Competitor research and insights

  • Audience research and insights

The best brands are built around a set of carefully considered elements that act as the cornerstones for everything from apps and advertising, to posters and packaging.

I can help create visual and verbal foundations that place your brand apart from – and ahead of – the crowd.

This may involve the development of:

  • Brand names

  • Brand identity

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand narrative

  • Brand guidelines

I can create or direct the work required to bring your brand to to life on everything from brochures and business cards, to websites and, well, just about anything else you can think of.

This includes:

  • Advertising (print and digital)

  • Copywriting and editing

  • Design for print and packaging

  • Email marketing

  • Photography and illustration

  • POS, clothing and merchandise

  • Signage and vehicle graphics

  • Social media graphics and content

  • Website design and development

If you could do with a little Objective Ingenuity, let’s talk.

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