Brand name, identity, stationery and website for a new Bath-based planning consultancy.
From 2014

“Objective Ingenuity’s initial strategic advice on branding, and practical support to launch our business in 2014, has played a fundamental part in the growth our business from a start-up to Bath’s pre-eminent / go-to planning consultancy. The subsequent support and development of our website has played an important part in generating additional business whilst maintaining a strong presence in the local market.”

Chris Beaver, Director, PlanningSphere Limited

Chris Beaver
PlanningSphere business card
PlanningSphere compliments slip
PlanningSphere DVD and slipcase
PlanningSphere USB flash drive

Professional brand naming

The PlanningSphere brand name was the result of a thorough process that involved a wide range of initial ideas being whittled down to around half a dozen that were presented to the client.

As well as being memorable, easy to say, and in keeping with the desired brand personality, these had all been checked for domain-name availability, and conflicts with other company names and members of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

PlanningSphere was chosen as it conveys the idea that the business deals with a wide range of planning-related issues. The name also has a certain authority, confidence and gravitas. Its distinctive nature – plus good domain-name and limited-company availability – also made it an attractive option.

PlanningSphere logo


For speed and ease, I took the photos of my client, Chris, and his colleague, Claire, that were needed for the website.

Commissioned photography from a full-time professional certainly has its place and can be worth every penny, but often – especially for the likes of a website – the standard I offer is a good, low-cost alternative.

Chris Beaver of PlanningSphere
Claire Durbin of PlanningSphere

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