Brand naming, brand narrative, brochure and digital presentation promoting a specialist training course run by Thatcham Research, the UK’s premier vehicle safety research centre.
2018 (On behalf of Brand New Way)

“Jeff has provided design, corporate identity, copywriting and branding support for my clients since 2005. He creates hard-working visual and written communication that conveys the right messages in a compelling and convincing fashion. We have a great working relationship where we each seek and value one another’s input. This allows my clients’ projects to fully benefit from our combined experience and expertise, leaving them (and me) very happy with the results.”

Peter Hawtin, Director, Brand New Way

Peter Hawtin
Thatcham VDA Advantage Programme brochure

The advantage of a compelling narrative

Thatcham Research’s Automotive Academy needed a new way to promote a specialist course aimed at vehicle damage assessors (VDAs) in repair companies and bodyshops. Training VDAs to a high standard is critically important as their role is pivotal to the efficiency and accuracy of every repair job.

To help Thatcham engage prospective buyers (chiefly large chains of repair companies working on behalf of insurers) they needed a name for the course, a sales narrative to work with in presentations, and a leave-behind brochure.

Naming the course ‘The VDA Advantage Programme’ elevated perceptions and made it feel engaging. I created a narrative that set out the benefits that VDAs can deliver to a business, followed by an explanation of why this may not be happening at present – and why it may be even less likely in the future. The VDA Advantage Programme was then introduced as the solution and a way of delivering valuable advantages to the customer’s business, to individual bodyshops and to the VDAs themselves.

Thatcham VDA Advantage Programme brochure
Thatcham VDA Advantage Programme brochure
Thatcham VDA Advantage Programme brochure
Thatcham VDA Advantage Programme brochure

The advantage of a powerful presentation

The narrative from the brochure was also used as the basic framework for the sales presentation. However, to further highlight some of the challenges that occur when VDAs lack the latest technical knowledge and training, the presentation also included a number of case studies featuring costly real-world scenarios and potential disasters.

Thatcham VDA Advantage Programme presentation

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