Behaviour Perspectives

Ideas and observations about using behavioural science to solve challenges in business and everyday situations.

Not possible is not impossible

‘Not possible’ can feel like it means exactly the same thing as ‘impossible’. However, there’s often a big difference. And I’ve recently encountered businesses using ‘not possible’ to suggest ‘impossible’ and avoid the truth which is simply ‘We don’t want to’.

Not possible is not impossible2023-04-13T09:01:36+00:00

Stop buzzing in!

Buzz in if you know the answer... or you think you know the answer... or you have the answer to a question you think I should have asked. ‘Buzzing in’ has become an increasingly annoying phenomenon we are all having to suffer and navigate around.

Stop buzzing in!2022-11-02T10:58:33+00:00

Anyone for talk tennis?

Have you noticed how more and more of the audible communication that vies for our attention is taking place in a tennis-like fashion? Rather than the full message or story being delivered by one person, two take it in turn to serve us sentences.

Anyone for talk tennis?2022-07-08T16:02:53+00:00
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