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Meet the hermit crabs of branding

Hermit crabs are remarkable – and famous for their use of shells that once belonged to other creatures. Some brands are similarly inclined, taking on what others have left behind – and sometimes making better use of discarded ideas than the original owner.

Meet the hermit crabs of branding2022-06-10T10:26:26+00:00

Do you know who your customer isn’t?

Someone's review of an app I wanted was scathing. The app was pointless. The app was a con. The app made their life more difficult, not easier. The app should be avoided at all costs. I read the review, smiled and happily installed the app, even more certain it was the right one for me.

Do you know who your customer isn’t?2022-06-05T16:02:24+00:00

Trick or tree?

It’s said that the Inuit people have 50 different words for snow, and the Sami have 1,000 words for reindeer. This abundance allows subtlety and precision – something lacking in our culture where trees are concerned…

Trick or tree?2022-04-05T11:36:57+00:00

RIP Bob Gill

Legendary designer, illustrator, writer, teacher – and one of my heroes – Bob Gill passed away on 9 November, aged 90. Bob co-founded Fletcher Forbes Gill back in the ’60s, which went on to become the internationally respected agency Pentagram. 

RIP Bob Gill2021-11-30T11:23:21+00:00

Fireworks vs bonfires

As anyone who celebrates 5 November knows, fireworks can be an impressive and varied (but often brief) spectacle, while bonfires provide a longer-lasting (but less dramatic) attraction. Brands can be very similar.

Fireworks vs bonfires2021-11-16T11:16:27+00:00

Numbers count

We rely on and trust calculations done by computers, such as adding up the cost of the items in an online shopping cart. But it's important to know when the numbers in front of us don't feel right, figure out why they might be wrong, and what the brand in question is trying to do (or get away with).

Numbers count2021-11-16T09:50:34+00:00
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